Meet the Team

Meet Coach Korby

Head Coach

If you are unfamiliar with our new head coach Korby, he started his sales career in 1989 and started coaching in 1992. He was originally trained by Thomas Leonard. In 1996 he used his coaching skills to scale a company from 8 offices to 41 offices in 4 years.

From there he took his talents to Merrill Lynch when he built a sales team to 1000 salespeople in under 2 years generating billions in revenue. During this time he mastered Chet Holmes and Jay Abraham methodologies and applied them to the corporate environment while coaching 9 1:1 clients at night.

In 2006 he joined Chet Holmes as a fulltime business growth expert and was one of the top coaches for 47 of the 54 months he was working with Chet. The best part of his experience was 1:1 coaching with Chet weekly. Considering the Chet Holmes took Charlie Monger's [Warren Buffet's business partner] company to 16X growth over four years, he called chet the greatest salesman he has ever known.

After initially learning from Taki Moore, in 2010 he filled his 1:1 coaching business in less than 6 months and has maintained some of those clients to this day.

He also worked with a top-level marketing group for 31 months as the head coach helping coaches scale their business including helping more than 27 coaches 3X their revenue (minimum 30K starting revenue) during his tenure with them.

Meet Tyler

Head of Technology & Web Design at the 7-Figure Mastermind.

Tyler’s focus is to help digital fitness entrepreneurs overcome their biggest technological obstacles and transform websites into creative works of art that become an extension of their business’s values, beliefs and mission.

Tyler first joined the mastermind to help his Mom create an online fitness business that would allow her a medium to pursue her passion. Once Vince saw the potential in what Tyler was able to create, he helped to channel his super power and create a 6-Figure business in only 6 months.

Tyler is a rare hybrid of strategic thinking, technical prowess and hands-on expertise in producing innovative client solutions. He leads our team in everything web, mobile and beyond, including site architecture, automation, UI/UX, development and deployment.

Over the past 3 years, Tyler has been designing and programming web-based and interactive projects for both 6-Figure and 7-Figure businesses around the world.

Shari Friedman

Vince’s Assistant and 7 Figure Mastermind Guide

I've been working with Vince's team for several years and have been with Vince since the very beginning when he implemented the 7 Figure Mastermind.

As part of the 7-Figure Mastermind team, I am your “Go-To” for the following…

  • Login credentials to The 7 Figure Members Vault
  • Ensuring you have access to the FB group
  • Introducing you to the Facebook group
  • Keeping your credit card info up to date
  • Sending you a replay of your recording Game Plan and 25 Minute coaching calls within 24-48 hours to your email on file
  • Emailing you Vince’s Weekly Inner Circle Newsletter that he writes exclusively for coaching clients.
  • Help answering any questions you may have in general :)

You can reach email me at [email protected]

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