From The Fitness Industry’s Leading Marketer To Widely Renown Business Coach

Vince Del Monte is an Italian-Canadian fitness entrepreneur known as the only Fitness Guru to be coined as The Skinny Guy Savior. He earned this name by dedicating his life to transforming the lives of the skinny, scrawny wimpy guys & skinny girls – helping them become healthier, fitter and more confident in their bodies. He is also the author of “No-Nonsense Muscle Building: Skinny Guy Secrets To Insane Muscle Gain,” which has sold more than 80,000 copies in more than 120 different countries.

Vince Del Monte
World Renowned Business Coach

WBFF Pro Fitness Model & Competitor

Vince competed in the fitness-modeling world and has won the Canadian Fitness Model Championships. In June 2008, he competed again and placed 3rd at the World Fitness Model Championships. In 2011, Vince became a WBFF Pro Fitness Model and competed at the WBFF World Championships.

During this entire journey, Vince built a business empire that has consistently generated over a million dollars a year for over a decade. This business enabled Vince to have the financial freedom to live life on his own terms, while serving as the provider to his wife and 3 kids.

He quickly realized that with over a decade’s worth of experience in running successful fitness businesses, he could now help others by teaching them how to build successful, highly-profitable fitness businesses as well.

Today, Vince is known as the Premier Go-To Online Fitness Business Coach, due to his outstanding track record in building thriving fitness businesses...

He is the founder of both the 7-Figure Mastermind and 6-Figure Coach Program; these organizations are designed to help entrepreneurs already making 6-figures scale to the million-dollar level, as well as teach beginner fitness entrepreneurs just starting out on how to get to their first first $5,000 month in as little a 24 hours.

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And the value that he and his team delivers is clearly evident...

Testimonial after testimonial, The 7-Figure Mastermind and 6-Figure Coach Program has completely transformed the lives of his students, with countless success stories of entrepreneurs making more income from a single month of business than they had made in the entire previous year.

Mentor to Coaches Realizing the enormous impact that fitness coaches had on the lives of their clients...

Vince built this business coaching organization with the intention that if he could help fitness coaches build thriving, ethical businesses that delivered enormous value, then that in turn would positively impact all the clients that the coaches were serving.

And so as Vince expanded and improved upon his 2 organizations: The 7-Figure Mastermind and the 6-Figure Coach Program, his impact would eventually radiate to the thousands of clients who benefit from fitness coaching.

In this process, the fitness entrepreneurs that Vince coaches will have completely transformed their lives through the financial freedom acquired from building successful and profitable online businesses.

With this vision in mind, Vince is determined to build the fitness industry’s most elite and premier fitness business mastermind to make the biggest impact in the world.

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Keynote Speaker

Best-Selling Author

Renowned Influencer

Vince is the author of multiple best-selling books...

These including Living Large, No Nonsense Muscle Building, Your 6-Pack Quest, Maximize Your Muscle Monthly Series, and Hypertrophy Max Monthly Series.

He has also contributed to Askmen.com, Espn.com, Men’s Health Magazine, and Men’s Fitness. Additionally, his work has been featured on Iron Man Magazine, Inside Fitness Magazine, Bodybuilding.com, T-Nation, and many many more.

Collectively, with his podcast show, Youtube channel, Facebook page, and Instagram, his impact consistently reaches well over a million people.

He has spoken to tens of thousands of entrepreneurs at various events, including Digital Sumo Live, Ask Live, The Canadian Fitness Business Summit, and The Fitness Business Summit.

The Del Monte Family
Vince's Wife And 3 Children

The most important parts of Vince’s life are his family and Christian faith...

Both of his parents were full time ministers in the church when he was growing up, and they instilled in him a rock solid foundation that has served him well in all aspects of his life, business included.

Today, Vince is proud to be a husband, father of 3 kids, and most importantly, a follower of Christ. He regularly attends Elevation Toronto Church on Sundays with his family.

He is living proof that you faith-follwers can build wildly successful businesses without working stupid long hours, selling gimmicky products and kicking your family to the curb in the process!

Ready To Build A Super-Profitable, Industry-Dominating Brand and Business?

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